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Information about CampsiteShare

How it works

How It Works
Have a campsite or need a campsite? You can post an Offer To Share or a Share Request. Then, you can easily share that post on other social media platforms and/or send it via text & email to all your camping friends.

You can also post & find a wide variety of camping events & campouts.  

Some Happy-Campers (3 friends) score a sweet campsite but…
⦁ It was kind of expensive.. $$
⦁ It’s just the 3 of them in a big ol’ campsite.
⦁ They enjoy meeting likeminded people AND and are happy to help out fellow campers.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, Not-So-Happy-Campers (2 friends) are trying to find a campsite but…
⦁ All the campgrounds are "FULL".
⦁ The campsites available are too expensive.. $$
⦁ They enjoy meeting likeminded people.

The cool thing is, Happy-Campers’ campsite has a capacity for “up to 6 people”.

So, Happy-Campers post their campsite on, inviting other campers to join them.

Not-So-Happy-Campers find the post on and jump for joy!

They sort out a couple things messaging on and, pretty soon, everybody’s camping.

Alternate Ending...
Not-So-Happy-Campers post a Share Request on, hoping some other campers that already have a campsite will invite them to share.

Happy-Campers find the post on and respond with an invite. 

Not-So-Happy- Campers jump for joy!

They sort out a couple things messaging on and, pretty soon, everybody’s camping.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can a host upsell a campsite reservation and/or ask a guest to pay more than a fair portion?  No. This is a sharing environment. Additionally, it is illegal in most cases to upsell reservations for regional, state, & national campgrounds.
  • How do we split the cost of the campsite?  The split might vary a bit based on the cost per night / # of people, or an easy 50/50 split.  It's up to the host. The host's cost calculations should include the reservation fees & taxes, if any. Host may round to the dollar to keep it easy, just like a friend might.
  • How does the guest pay the host? Guest must be prepared to pay the host their agreed portion when they arrive at camp, in CASH. Please have exact change. Notes: 1) Checks or electronic payment methods are not recommended due to the high risk of scams. Also, you may not have sufficient cellular service at the campground to complete a transaction. 2) Payment prior to event is not advised.
  • Who pays the cost of additional vehicles, if there is one?  The Guest is responsible for the additional vehicle parking fee, if any. 
  • Who decides the preferences for a campsite?  The Host. The Host may opt for certain preferences and note them in their share listing.  Guests should respect Host's preferences or find a different campsite more in sync with their needs.