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How it works

Secrets to happy camping

How It Works...

Some Happy-Campers (3 friends) score a sweet campsite but…
  • It was kind of expensive.. $$
  • It’s just the 3 of them in a big ol’ campsite.

Meanwhile, Not-So-Happy-Campers (2 friends) are trying to find a campsite but…
  • All the campgrounds are "FULL".
  • The campsites available are too expensive.. $$

The cool thing is, Happy-Campers’ campsite has a capacity for “up to 6 people”.

So, Happy-Campers post their campsite on CampsiteShare, inviting other campers to join them.

Not-So-Happy-Campers find the listing on CampsiteShare and jump for joy!

They sort out a couple things and, pretty soon, everybody’s camping!

-May a host upsell a campsite reservation and/or ask a guest to pay more than a fair portion?
No.  This is a sharing environment. Additionally, it is illegal in most cases to sell reservations for regional, state, & national campgrounds. Please report any bad players to CampsiteShare immediately.

-How do we split the cost of the campsite?
The split might vary a bit based on the cost per night / # of people, or an easy 50/50 split.  It's up to the host.  The host's cost calculations should include the reservation fees & taxes, if any, and CampsiteShare & payment fees ($3.30 +2.9%/event). Host may round to the dollar to keep it easy, just like a friend might.

-Who pays the cost of additional vehicles, if there is one?
The Guest is responsible for the additional vehicle parking fee, if any. 

Who gets to decide the preferences for a campsite? 

The Host. The Host may opt for certain preferences and note them in their share listing.  Guests should respect Host's preferences or find a different campsite more in sync with their needs. 

User Discretion 
It is each user's responsibility to determine and use appropriate discretion when deciding to share a campsite. 


Guest should plan to pay the host when they arrive at  camp, in CASH. Please have exact change. Remember, you may not have phone service at the campground for electronic methods. 

Host will NOT request or accept any other form of payment.

Guest will NOT offer or provide any other form of payment. 

Secrets to happy camping..

Please adhere to the law, campground/event rules, and be considerate of other campers.

Leave every campground and  person better than you found them.

Have fun!