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Our Mission
To bring campers together and increase camping opportunities for all.

What is CampsiteShare
CampsiteShare is a community of  camping enthusiasts who have been brought together by the worsening shortage of campsites. Finding a campsite is often difficult and in some cases, it's hopeless! Most campgrounds are booked up weeks to months in advance and highly sought-after ones are booked 6 months to a year in advance. Even with diligent planning, some campgrounds are fully booked within seconds of opening for reservation.

Our Solution
Most campsites have a capacity of 6-8 while they are typically booked by parties of 2-4. So, there's some extra room! By sharing campsites we are reopening the doors to the great outdoors for our camping friends.

More Benefits 
  • Score a share at amazing, highly sought-after campgrounds that are otherwise impossible to reserve.
  • Camping with others from the CampsiteShare community will bring you peace of mind, like camping with friends!
  • Be spontaneous again. If you find yourself with some free time and a hankering for a campout, post a request and cross your fingers. Same goes for you Camp Angels willing to share your campsite. Your offer to share could be the answer to someone else's prayers! 

Principles - The Way Of The Happy Camper
  • Be Honest & Up Front - Let your campmates know in advance of any special needs or circumstances that could be relevant. This should include some mention of daily plans, quiet hours, & camp equipment. Clarifying expectations in advance will enable a better experience for everyone.
  • Pitch In BEFORE You Pitch Your Tent - If you're the guest, be a good one. Be gracious. Don't make your host have to corner you for your portion of the costs. Be ready & offer to square up when you arrive at camp. 
  • Be Considerate - Apply the golden rule.
  • Accept & Forgive - Sure, when sharing anything you may brush elbows a time or two. Roll with it and remember your common goal, enjoying the great outdoors!
  • Do Good - Leave the campsite and your campmates better than you found them. Before you leave, take a moment to give your campsite a solid once-over. Also, have a quick chat with your campmate to make sure you've squared up any additional costs (ex. firewood) and you're not leaving them with any burdens.
  • Be Accountable - Hosts & Guests are fully responsible for their camping parties and their parties' acts. Like two-headed flamingos, camping mishaps are rare but they can happen. As you would anywhere else, do the right thing and take care of it. Be apologetic and make it right. If you damage someone else's property (camp equipment, vehicles, etc.), see that it gets fixed or replaced. Important: CampsiteShare not responsible for any campout complications.
  • Be Aware - It is your responsibility to interpret your encounters & surroundings. In our experience, the people we've met camping have been extremely friendly and helpful. That said, it's important to listen to your gut. If while planning a camp share you have an uneasy feeling, we recommend you ask for further clarification until either that feeling goes away or you decide it's not the right fit and, politely, cancel the share. No harm no foul. Obviously, it's most courteous to cancel asap to give everyone time to sort out a new plan. 

What Else Can We All Do
  • Be a Camp Angel. Already have your reservation, awesome! Post an offer to share it and make someone's day!
  • Invite our camping friends to join CampsiteShare and encourage them to share campsites.
  • Nurture Nature - Tread lightly and avoid trampling in protected areas. Stick to roads and trails and don't crowd critters.
  • Support our parks and natural spaces. Ask your park staff how you can donate, volunteer, and/or contribute.

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